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Christmas Gifts For The Weirdos On Your List.

Just thought I would share a few gifts I found for all those people who have a sense of humour on your list. I thought these gifts would be fun.I found most on http://www.stupid.com and prices are not bad either.
I love the rat remote control there is nothing like scaring the crap out of some unsuspecting target ! Especially grandma , oh the possibilities.Great political gift ideas for those ones always talking politics.I think I will get my girls the lip gloss toilets just to see the looks on their faces priceless. My grandpa would have loved this stuff, he was always pulling pranks on us all the time. I think we got our sick sense of humour from him, I love it ! He loved the fake dog poop,and vomit to gross us all out .Anyway I hope you enjoy these I know I did.
I like the Hillary nut cracker that is probably what she did to Bill Clinton, over the Monica thing. I know I would have behind closed doors.

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Kids Are Funny.

I was doing my housework the other day,and Dacoda wanted to wear Hope’s new sweater.Hope is in the picture above she is five.I heard Hope tell Dacoda she could wear the sweater,but if she looked to pretty in it she said, you’ll have to take it off!

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Love Thy Neighbor.


Most of us at one time or another has had a neighbor we just didn’t like or particularly get along with.There is always at least one bad apple in the bunch isn’t there? Sometimes people just can’t help themselves. They just have to let their neighbor know how they feel.I found one creative way a guy let his neighbor know just how he was feeling, with a sign in the front yard. At least he is not a judas! He told him the way it is.

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Too Have and Too Hold from this Day Forward.

ImageImageImage This little hound and I do not get along during the day for various reasons.However at night time unknown to me we obviously get along quite well.The kid’s took the picture to prove it to me.

Nickel’s is only a year old and I am trying to teach him some manners, which is proving to be quite difficult for me.He leaves his nose prints all over my windows,and paw prints all over my doors.He goes completely crazy if he sees a cat,or another dog.Then knocks everything down in my porch.

Nickels will not stay outside by himself without barking incessantly,shock collars are 150 bucks,but he is getting one anyway.The newspaper delivery boy,and the mail girl dread delivery to our house,can’t say I blame them.Nickel’s waits until their close then goes in for the kill.I can’t tell you how many poor people walking by that he has scared the beejesus out of,myself included.He gives no warning until the person is real close.One lady almost fell down from the shock of it.Kid’s run by now the poor ones who are expecting it.

Nickel’s is quite hyper so training him has become quite a challenge for me.

I bought a new table cloth the other day with some placemats,and some nice flowers.I guess he didn’t care for them so he jumped up on my table yes! my table ,and peed on my flowers.Everyone else thinks it’s funny ha! ha! Were working on it believe me.

My kid’s and hubby refuse to replace him.I beg to diiffer.The best of it is I picked him out,which I am reminded of on a daily basis.What the hell was I thinking? Anyone have any training tips for me?

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Halloween Prank,and Costume.

ImageImage  This halloween costume makes me chuckle a little.It’s a great prank for your next halloween party.Have someone dress up in a hospital gown ,and have them walk around saying,they say I’m crazy,but I’m not.They deserve to die.You can’t let them take me back.You can add other funny stuff to say, I can think of a lot of things.The host,or hostess would have to pretend she did not know the person of course.Let the person go around ,and mingle with all your guests.It’s sure to get people asking questions,and when the host is asked who is that?They could say I don’t know who it is,I thought they were with you.It just might cause some alarm.Very funny! You could also wrap the persons head in gauze,and smear mascara under their eyes.You could also make a homemade tag for a mental hospital near you.I love playing pranks it’s so much fun. People won’t soon forget this prank.                                                                          

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Butt Cracks.


I don’t know about you guys,but I have been seeing more,and more peoples butt cracks in stores,and while I am out and about.Surprisingly it isn’t just men anymore.It’s women.I happened to be at my friendly neighbor hood Wal-mart,and a cashier was bent over and yes to my surprise half her butt was hanging out.I tried to turn away but,I was absolutely riveted you know how it is.Can they not feel the air blowing or is it they just don’t care?Please ladies leave the butt crack to the men!

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