Three Halloween Party Foods.

Spooky Spider and Marshmallow Ghosts

Spooky Spider: This chocolaty Halloween treat takes only a few minutes to put together and makes a fun project for trick-or-treaters of any age.

Marshmallow Ghosts: Sweet and chewy, these marshmallow ghosts are a playful Halloween treat.ghk-marshmallow-ghosts-spooky-spider-1005-mdn
Eyeball Mash: This quick and easy dip is a tasty appetizer for an adults-only Halloween bash, or for a group of grown-ups in charge of entertaining younger trick-or-treaters.

“Pumpkin” Tortilla Chips: It takes only seconds to cut tortillas into festive pumpkin shapes, sprucing up your Halloween party spread times 10.ghk-eyeball-mash-pumpkin-chips-1005-mdn

Make these three adorable Halloween desserts: Cobweb Crisps, Pear Ghosts and Apple Jack-o’-Lanterns, and Brownie Goblins.

To conjure up a devilish-looking dessert, frost slice-and-bake sugar cookies with white royal icing. Then, starting at the cookie’s center, pipe circles of black icing; create cobwebs by alternately dragging a toothpick from the center to the edge, and from the edge to the center.


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Dressing Up Your Pets.


Here is a few halloween ideas to dress up your furry friends !These were some cute ideas I found while searching the web.The sailor cat could also be dressed up as a nurse,just put a red cross on the hat instead.
Some pets will not like the idea of being dressed up,but some pets you can do anything with either way it is a cute idea especially if your hosting a party for halloween .

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Double Trouble, Twice as Nice: Two very cute dried fig, rosemary and honey muffins

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Before I start, let’s all do a quick experiment. Take one of your cookbooks and go to the baking chapter. My guess is that you’re looking at recipes for giant cakes, huge pies and an enormous batch of cookies. They all require ludicrous quantities of flour, sugar and butter and most of the time it feels as if you will be baking for an entire army…

Although I won’t deny that these recipes are ravishingly decadent and an ideal treat on family gatherings, sometimes you just want to bake for … well… you. Admittedly, you could easily indulge in a pristine-looking pie all by yourself and yes, you could finish that enormous batch of cupcakes on your own, but let’s face it, ladies: Doing so would neither be to the advantage of your butt-size nor would it be beneficial to your blood sugar level.

So in an attempt to steer…

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A Letter To Ashly.

No one knows how fierce a mothers love can be.She will die for her child just look at a mother bear robbed of her cubs.That is how fierce it can be.
When I first held you in my arms it was definitely love at first site.I felt a fierce protectiveness for you something I had not ever had for any other human being before and never since.
Then before I knew it you this new little being took over my life and my home but in a good way.Then it was not long before your first tooth,first steps,first day of school.
Then like a puff of air you were a teenager,and whether I liked it or not it is time to pull back.Then before you know it they go out into the world to make their own life, and have a child of their own.You have no choice but to let them go.
Then she’s gone at the age of 26.Died because one doctor made the wrong decision.Gone forever.
That last day we were together as I watched you pull your suitcase up the sidewalk.I look at your back as your going away and wave back as you turn to me for the very last time.I would have never let you go if I had of knew,or even had the slightest clue.If I had I would of become that mother bear robbed of her cubs.I replay that image over and over in my mind as you are walking away, if only I had of known that would be our last time together.I would of ran to you and I would have never let you go.

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Halloween Creepy Eyeballs. I seen this on you tube and thought it was a cute idea for the kiddies so I wanted to share it! Hope you enjoy.


Here is a link to my favourite cupcake channel on you tube.She shows you how to make your own sprinkles with coloured sugar,just thought I would share it because I love this idea !

Busy Bag Tutorial


Great idea!

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I am one of those people that love a DIY. Even though sometimes you have to admit that doing something takes a lot of time and buying one will always be the easier method… but there is just something about making “something” that makes a whole lot different.


Like when back in College, I often like to see my friends note books – they look filthy expensive haha (I went to an expensive school the first two years of my college) I myself bought cheap ones as that time my family started to run into financial problems. But anyways I love notebooks and there is just something about them that I can’t resist, either its cover or its smooth pages. (freak) But anyways instead of buying them, I turned my own notebook to a DIY thing. Mine was an ordinary medium sized one – those ones that has tabs…

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Potential…tapped into :)


love it!

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I’ve always lived with that little lingering feeling that if I just had more time to pursue the things that mattered to me I had so much untapped potential. Does everybody feel that way? When I worked at the public school teaching music I think I tried to tell myself that everybody did and so therefore I just needed to suck it up and push through. Now I’m not so sure.

Because…what I’m finding is that lingering feeling and frustration was absolutely true. I did have more in me. I had dreams that were waiting to be birthed but no room for them to develop and grow, to really be put into action.

These days…I have time, I have opportunity to pursue things I never have before.

Yesterday I officially, publicly, with pictures and prices and finished off products started my body scrub and soap business. Ok…I have yet to…

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